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Pastelli =
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looking great
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Pastelli U.K.
Offering you the best
medical wear available.

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Pastelli is a company driven by its commitment, and innovation for outstanding designs of garments, for the health care professional.

We work hard to create and manufacture,garments for the medical,dental and pharmaceutical sectors that are comfortable, attractive and durable. Available in many colours and styles we use only the best materials, with cutting edge manufacturing techniques.

Our products are carefully made to suit the rigorous demands required by those professionals working in the health care, salon/spa, medical and dental sectors.

The Pamich family established its name in 1929, as high quality textile producers.

In 1979 the company headquarters were relocated from Trieste to Padova,where they are still today.

We use our knowledge of textile design by listening to our customers needs, and knowing in advance market trends, our garments are aesthetically and technically avant garde they include a full range of, scrubs, tunics, coats, trousers and shoes, everything required for the professional.

Our specially developed fabrics are our distinguishing feature, and guarantee superior quality.

We owe our ongoing success to that innovation, and ensures our designs are special.

This is what sets Pastelli apart from the others!

We believe our designs and quality, allow our customers to feel good about wearing a Pastelli garment, and emanate a sense of well being in the work place for them.

We are synonymous with quality, innovation and elegance, and known as pioneers in the field of professional sanitary garments.

We have experienced steady growth at the rate of 15-20% per year, of which 40% is made up of export to over 42 counties worldwide.

The complete collection includes 150 styles, in 32 different colours, covering all sizes.

To accompany our garments we also offer a range of high quality
footwear, designed for comfort and durability in the work place, offering
comfort for those who spend a lot of time on their feet!

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